Regarding reservations


Q: What is included in the accommodation fee?
A: Drinks (*excluding wine), snacks, ice cream, a dinner course, and breakfast, are included in the room rate. You can also take home an amenity set.


Q: Can 3 adults stay here?
A: The maximum occupancy is 4 people. However, for children below 13 age, there will be an additional charge, but it is possible to accommodate more than 4 people.
We have two rooms available, each with one bedroom and two double beds.


Q: Is there a child rate?
A:For children aged 6 and above, the rate is 55,000 yen per person with dinner and breakfast included. For children aged 13 and above, the adult rate applies.
For infants (1 year and above but under 6 years old) who require meals, the charge is 5,000 yen per person. For infants who do not require meals, the charge is 2,000 yen per person.
We provide amenities for infants, including bedding, bath sets, and toys.


Q: Can I make a reservation by phone call?
A: In general, we ask you to make your reservation using the reservation form, but for reservations within a week, please contact us by phone call


Q: Can I use cash for payment
A: A: If payment is confirmed in advance (2 weeks before your stay), your reservation will be confirmed. We ask that you pay by credit card.
On-site payments (drink costs, activity fees in some cases, etc.) can only be paid by local credit card.
Available payment methods 
Visa / Mastercard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / Discover
Q:What is the cancellation policy set up?
Cancellation fee 50% from 3 weeks before the stay / 70% from 10days before / 100% from 5 days before/ 100% No show.
No cancellation fee will be charged if it is difficult to move due to an accident, disaster, etc.