Regarding reservations


Q: What is included in the accommodation fee?
A: Drinks (*excluding wine), snacks, ice cream, a dinner course, and breakfast, are included in the room rate. You can also take home an amenity set.


Q: Can 3 adults stay here?
A: The maximum capacity is 2 adults. However, small children (younger than junior high school) can stay for an additional fee. From July 2023, we are accepting reservations for up to 4 people due to an increase in the number of bedrooms.


Q: Is there a child rate?
A: Children under 6 years old are free. Elementary school students will be charged 55,000 yen including tax, and junior high school students and older will be charged an adult fee. We have futons for infants, bath sets, toys, etc.


Q: Can I make a reservation by phone call?
A: In general, we ask you to make your reservation using the reservation form, but for reservations within a week, please contact us by phone call.


Q: Can I use cash for payment?
A: We only take payment by credit card. 
Available payment methods

Visa / Mastercard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / Discover